We believe in creating an experience that embodies the true essence of Mountain Chic by fusing contemporary aesthetics with technology and care.

We believe the power of balance is the key to making the most out of life. No matter if you’re in the highest altitudes or living the bustling city life, finding balance can have a little different to all of us. Whether it’s finding time to do the things you have to do or the things you love, we embrace versatility so you can really feel and immerse yourself into every experience life has to offer.

NIVOSE is for the adventurers, the innovators we are at heart. We are founded on the principle to make life more enjoyable. This is our vision, and every day we strive to put it into action by creating products that are made with this purpose in mind. Made to empower, made to make you look and feel good. Made by real people for real people to radiate warmth, care and elegance.

This is Mountain Chic.

We truly believe that our past is what made us who we are today.

NIVOSE was the first Mountain Chic brand starting in 1933. Today, NIVOSE is driven by a group of passionate fashionable adventurers and style seekers who believe in contemporary design as much as in the root of the brand. By combining technology and care with its modern heritage, NIVOSE is now embracing a new beginning.

A world filled with passion, style and warmth.

What else would you expect from people who come from the Alps? It’s in our DNA.

We develop lasting quality products, valuing quality to the extent that it’s a lifestyle.

A world where people empower people to live a life of balance.